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My new toy…and a giveaway

So…I finally got an iphone and I am super excited. You see my precious Blackberry which I really did love decided this week that it didn’t love me anymore. Seriously, it was taking about a minute for my phone to just open a text after I recieved it…not cool at all.  So my wonderful husband (hope you aren’t getting sick of hearing about him on this blog) decided that he was going to buy me an iphone.  I am really excited to just play with the new toy, but also for the business benefits as well such as responding to email quicker and working on my blog from anywhere.

So my question is…what are your favorite apps whether fun, business, photography or anything else? I am trying to figuire out which apps I want, and it is just slightly overwhelming!

So here is the giveaway….leave me a comment here on this blog post telling me what your favorite app or apps are and I will choose my favorite one and the winner with recieve a $10 iTunes giftcard.

Also…I am about to hit 500 on my Facebook Fan page, become a Fan here for an extra entry!

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This app is TOTALLY nerdy,,,BUT—I love playing “Word Warp”, a free game app (a game where you have to UN-jumble the letters to make words). SEE??!! Told you it was nerdy, but I do love to play it!☺


My absolute favorite app is the app. Shopping is easy and convenient. Plus, checking out is SO fast.

Hey Kristin, Congrats on the iPhone. I think you would find the Camera+ App totally amazing. It was created partially by Lisa Bettany ( I really love to take pix on it.

The other apps in my favorites folder are:
Mantis Bible Study
Mind Node
Bible Plan (My iPhone App)
My Prayer Lists (My iPhone App) :P

The iPhone is soo cool :D


So, I don’t have this app, but if I were able to I would DEFINITELY have it. It’s the price checking app. You can scan any item’s bar code and find out what that item costs everywhere else (including online) so you can see where you can get it cheapest. Saving money and Fun! My friend had it and it really is pretty amazing!

I would love to win this and give it to my wife…


Apart from being productive and getting work done…you have to have some fun with your iPhone!!!
May I humbly suggest some fun apps?
“Angry Birds” -> they have the ones for free (such as Angry Birds Lite, Angry Birds Free & Angry Birds Seasons).
“Cut the Rope” & “The Imbecile Test” are not bad either.
A “Facebook” and/or “Twitter” apps are also great to have as well ;-)

Jeremy is so sweet to buy an iPhone for you! ^_^

angry birds. It’s just so addictive!

Rebecca Houghton

Pandora is definitely my favorite! The advertisements get a bit old, but it’s worth it!


Ok so I love my metronome app and use it all the time. lol Nerdy right? lol I also love the allrecipes app cuz it has a “dinner spinner” on it with yummy recipes!

Dan Troutman

I’ll give fav’s from several categories:
Utility app – Carbonite Access (useful only if you use Carbonite as your computer backup). I love it because I can technically access any file on my computer at home because they are backed up on Carbonites servers.
Bible app – Olive Tree. It has all the bells and whistles for a casual user, as well as tons of options if you want to add on study aids, language tools, etc.
Music app – Pandora.
Wasting time but worth it app – Tie between Facebook and Angry Birds
GPS/Walking app – MotionX GPS – keeps track of walks, rides, etc.
I’m too cheap to pay for texting app – Textfree with Voice – you get a dedicated number for texting. It makes phone calls also, but I don’t use that part.
Useful if I watched more TV app – TVGuide
Most used app on my iPhone – Netflix (hands down!)

Linda Troutman

Angry Birds…Most Definitely is the most used app on my phone! I also have a GPS motion x gps. It keeps track of how long and far you walked.

Christy Stier

I unfortunately don’t have an IPhone yet but there is an app called Urbanspoon. It uses the GPS built in the phone and you shake and it comes up with places to eat out. You can select a certain price range or location or type of resturant. It is really awesome. It is fun to go “hmmmm chinese sounds good. lets select that and than shake to find different places both cheap and not so cheap. When I get my IPhone, that’s the app I want.


Well twitter and Facebook apps are like a must every phone needs them! But I also like snake for a game app!

I play fruit ninja all the time.
You might want to check out that app ; )

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