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My Love For Spotify, and My Top 10

I work better when I have music on, it helps me stay focused and make it through a busy day. I used to be an avid Pandora listener. I had a bunch of stations, but I would get so frustrated when I would run out of skips, and be forced to listen so music I didn’t like. I also felt like I ended up wasting time skipping songs or switching stations, just a few seconds here and a few seconds there, but it adds up and it would just distract me. Then a few months ago I found Spotify…and if you haven’t found it yet, and you like music…you need to go to it now! There is a paid Premium version, but I have been using the free version for months and it is great. I liked Pandora….but I LOVE Spotify.

In Spotify you can make playlists and fill them with whatever songs you want. You just search the catalog and find any music and you can listen to it for free. It is an awesome way to find new music or create a playlist of all your favorite songs. There are some commercials, but they are very limited. We listen to it just about everyday while we work. It is totally legal, but it almost makes me remember those days of downloading music from Napster…yes, I am that old.

Here are some of my current favorite songs…AKA, these each get played probably 3 times a day in Spotify! These are all from my Worship Playlist which is what I am listening to 98% of the time (Sometimes we take a Veggie Tales break), but you can find ANY kind of music on Spotify.

1. Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) by Hillsong United (You have probably heard me mention this one…it is so good! I just keep playing it!)

2. None But Jesus – Hillsong United (Love this one, such a great reminder of our purpose in life)

3. The More I Seek You – Kari Jobe (I guess I just love this song because I know it is true, The more I seek Him, the more I find Him)

4. As We Pray – Gateway Worship (Just found this song last week, one of my favorite songs about prayer)

5. Clear The Stage – Jimmy Needham ( Heard this at our Church’s revival last year…convicting…every time)

6. The Church – Elevation Worship ( I heard this song on a Church’s website and hunted it down, such a great reminder of the Church’s mission)

7.  Healer – Kari Jobe (This is probably the song I would name if you asked me what my favorite song was)

8. All The Poor and Powerless – Travis Cottrell (This song breaks my heart for missions every time I hear it)

9. Dessert Song – Hillsong United (One of my all time favorites)

10. You Are Good – Gateway Worship (Reading through the Psalms for the past two months this has been such a great theme song)


What are some of your favorite songs right now?



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Rachel McCloud

On my spotify list I have.
Commitment by Sanctus Real.
Your Love is Like a River by Third Day.
Morning has Broken by Third Day.
Be Thou my Vision by Jadon Lavik.
Strangely Dim by Francesca Battastelli.
The Broken by Bebo Norman.
Words by Hawk Nelson.
Fly Away by JJHeller.
For Your Splender by Christy Nockels.
Ever Lifting by Christy Nockels.

I love your list :)

Montana severe

I love Kari Jobe, and the ones of hers hat you mentioned I completely love. I really am loving these…
Carry me- josh Wilson (I too struggle with panic disorder, and this song has the words I couldn’t say)
Whatever’s you’re doing- Sanctus real (speaks to my life)
Let the waters rise- mikeschair
Steal my show-
You are for me- Kari jobe
Yours forever- Dara Maclean
All this time- britt Nicole
They just believe- josh Wilson
Came to my rescue- hillsong
And so many more! ;)

Jennifer Liong

your #1 is my #1 right now too! :)

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