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{Moses and Haylie – Engagement}

“How can I not smile when he looks at me”…Haylie said this at one point during our session when we were trying for a more serious pose, and I think it just about sums up the relationship between this amazing couple. Jeremy said that it was one of his favorite couples to shoot because they are just so in love, and it shows. It is so true, and I must add the fact that Haylie is absolutly gorgeous, she is going to be a stunning bride in the wedding dress that she bought TODAY! (Moses is dying to know what it looks like, but we are sworn to secrecy) Jeremy and I also remember before these two were dating when Moses was absolutly head over heals for Haylie, yet he never felt he had the courage to talk to her. We are so glad he found the courage!  Literally, he could not stop talking about how she was the most amazing and beautiful girl he had ever met, which was also obvious from the way he looked at her during this amazing session.  This session was also special to us because Haylie was one of the team members on the missions trip that Jeremy and I took earlier this summer to Mexico, so she has spent 2 weeks non-stop with us.

We absolutly had a blast shooting this couple, it was a little hard to concentrate on shooting with all the laughter, but we made it work. Moses even commented that the session was worth it even if they did not get the pictures because we all had so much fun.  Jeremy and I wish this amazing couple all the best, thank you for making our job so much fun.

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love love love!!! Every engaged couple should take lessons from these two on how to show you’re in love! It was amazing!!!

Tammy (MOM)

I love the way he looks at her!!!! They are an amazing couple and amazing pictures, again.

Rachel Myers

These are great! You can tell in some of the pictures where they are looking at each other and saying “Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh!” Kristen these are great shots! I think #11 is my fave!

Haylie Warnock

WOW!!! You make us look so amazing! I have to say that I never expected to have so much fun, but I should have known with you guys. :) Thanks so much for the stunning pictures!

Megan Drew

Beautiful! Haylie wore the dress she bought in Ixlan!!!! love it!

I known Moses since freshman speech class and I’m so happy for him! They look amazing and so happy! Wow!

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