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March Goals

“If you aren’t failing on occasion, you aren’t dreaming big enough.” I read this quote from Lara Casey a few weeks ago and it has really stuck with me. It is just so true, and this month more than ever I want to dream bigger, work harder, and try to accomplish things that I never thought were possible. Sure, I may fail at some of them, but I have realized that failure is part of life, and if I am not failing, I am not dreaming or trying hard enough to be what I really want to be and accomplish what I really want to accomplish. The quote that I started with came from this amazing blog post written by Lara Casey who is the founder and editor of Southern Weddings Magazine, but I believe that everyone should read it because it is incredibly powerful. If you want to accomplish your dreams, read it!

So with that…here are my goals for March. Goals marked with an * are carried over from last month

submit a wedding for publication

Get a sample album

Finish client wedding albums

Take my last midterm ever (only 2 1/2 months from my Master’s degree)

Get an album swatch kit

Get rid of clothes and stuff that we don’t need in preperation for moving in May

Keep my desk neat so that I can be more productive

Have dinner with friends

Try P90x, it scares me a little but I will try it.

Try a new recipe*

Finish reading II Kings and I Chronicles

Make time with God a bigger priority


Here is a picture of Rick and Bethany, their album is one of my goals this month, and is going to be a very fun goal to cross off



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