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Learning from Netflix

If you have read our blog for a while you know that it is no secret that we love Netflix. We are always looking for a new series to start watching. We love action and are kinda suckers for a bit of reality tv, I like documentaries, and of course we love anything weddings like Say Yes to the Dress. Jeremy recently stumbled on a great show that has even helped get us thinking about new things for our business. We enjoyed every episode of The Mentor which is a great show that takes small business owners and has them mentored by a CEO of a large corporation. Though not everything applied to us, we are always amazed at how we learn things everywhere that we can incorporate into our business. We really love finding ways to serve our clients better, and we are thrilled that this show is available to learn from. And, don’t worry….it isn’t boring, we loved learning about both the small business and learning more about the larger companies as well!


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