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Lamp and Light | Frequently Asked Questions

Several months ago I started a hashtag on instagram called #lampandlight, with the intention of using it to help myself and some friends hold each other accountable to be in God’s Word daily. I got a huge response from it as other women expressed to me that this was a big encouragement to them. I have gotten a lot of questions over the past few months so I thought I would write a blog post to answer a few that have come up a lot. Feel free to leave a comment here or on instagram, if you have any other questions. You can follow me on instagram @kristinschmucker and follow along with the hashtag #lampandlight.

What is #lampandlight?

As I mentioned above it is simply a hashtag to use to seek to be more intentional to spend time in God’s Word. It isn’t a specific Bible study, but just a way to keep yourself accountable and to encourage others. The name comes from Psalm 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” I started it because I think we all need to remember that we aren’t in this alone. I would love if you would join.

How do you journal?

I get asked this often as well since a lot of my #lampandlight images show glimpses of my journal. I use the SOAP method to study and journal Scripture. You can read this post to find out exactly how I structure my time in God’s Word and how I use my journal.

Where should I start reading?

How to choose what to read is something that I am asked often. I highly recommend you to read through a book of the Bible instead of jumping from passage to passage. I think we can get a much greater understanding of Scripture if we read the whole story in context. You can choose any book that you would like. Sometimes I will alternate between New and Old Testament. It can also be helpful to start with a small book so that you can see accomplishment early as it won’t take as long to finish.

How much should I read each day?

I don’t think there is a single right or wrong answer to the exact amount of Scripture you should read each day, and for me it often varies from day to day. Instead of telling myself I need to read three chapters each day and then rushing through them and feeling like I didn’t learn anything I take it slow. Some days I might read a whole chapter or even two, other days I may only read two verses. It is really hard to understand the story of Scripture or make personal application if you are rushing through it. I recently heard someone say “eat until you are full”, and I think that is the perfect way to decide how much Scripture to read each day.

If you have more questions leave a comment and I will be glad to answer and help you dig into Scripture.

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