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Kristin’s Book List | Summer 2013

Summer has been busy, and feeling extra sleepy from pregnancy has caused me to not read as many books this summer as I had hoped, but I still read some great books this summer. And…I just bought a few new books that I am excited to get reading this fall. Of course, I am always looking for your recommendations. I have found that some of my favorite books are books that blog readers have recommended to me over the past few months…so if you read something great let me know!


Radical | David Platt

It is so neat to me how God has used several books this year to really change my thinking. This was one of those books. I so enjoyed reading it, but it is definitely a step on your toes kind of book. I love how Platt challenges us to live as Christ did and to love people the way that He does. It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race that he talks about as the “American Dream”, and though that isn’t a bad thing on its own, he really challenges the reader to think bigger than just the here and now. I would definitely highly recommend this book, and it is probably one that will go on my read again list.

Interrupted | Jen Hatmaker

Oh Jen Hatmaker…I juts love her casual writing style that feels almost like a chat with a good friend. I read Seven a few months ago, and it made me think a lot…so I decided to pick up Interrupted which is kind of the prequel to Seven. It is really just the story of how Jen and her husband had their thinking changed toward ministry and what it really means to serve people and be like Jesus. So good. She is very relatable and never writes like she is better than you…just totally honest about her faith and also her doubts and fears. If you liked Seven….you will like this as well.

God in Slow Motion | Mike Nappa

I was really drawn to the concept of this book when I saw it listed as an option for me to receive as a free copy to review. The concept is that the author will take several passages from the Gospels and dig in really deep and take a “slow motion” approach to studying the life of Christ. I am always looking for something that digs in a bit so I was excited to get this book. The book was good and very encouraging, but I didn’t feel like it quite lived up to the “slow motion” digging in deep concept. The author covers several of the main events in Christ’s life from the calling of the disciples to his discourse with the woman of Samaria and the crucifixion. I enjoyed that he focused a lot on the relationships that Jesus had with the people around Him and how much he cared and loved for them. I really enjoyed the chapter on the Christmas story and the birth of Christ. The author did a great job of relating the biblical narratives to every day life, but I wish he would have dug in a bit more to the cultural context a bit more so that I would have had a better understanding of certain aspects of the narratives. Though I was excpecting the book to be a bit deeper, I think this book would be great to read along as you study these passages of Scripture and dig in a little more on your own, since it provides great application to our daily lives.


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I read Radical also this summer. Amazing book! I enjoyed it so much that I read Platt’s second book, Follow Me. If it is possible, I think it is even better than Radical. I would encourage you to give it a try as well.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us! This post is such a great idea… I may have to copy you. :) It’s also a great accountability to plan to push me to read more frequently.

I remember all my friends RAVED about “Radical,” and it’s affirming to hear you enjoyed it, too! I, honestly, was SCARED of it and kind of stayed away from it for awhile… Mostly because I did hear that it is very firm on the beliefs, but I might just have to check it out now. :)

I have a suggestion if you’re looking for a new book anytime soon: “Life of the Beloved” by Henri J.M. Nouwen. I think you’ll love it. :)


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