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Kristin’s Book List | October 2013

We are just coming off an incredibly busy September and October, but I managed to squeeze in a few books this month. Here is what I read. As always, I always love hearing your recommendations, leave a comment and let me know what you are loving!

Women Living Well | Courtney Joseph

I recieved a free copy of this book to review and I was so pleased with the book. The tag line of the book pretty much sums up what it is about” ” Finding Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids and Your Home”.  I loved the down to earth style that Courtney wrote the book with, it felt more like talking to an old friend than reading a how to book. The content of the book was very relevant and really focussed on how putting God first will help you put all of your priorities in order. She talks about how as women it is no longer “the norm” to live a set apart life that focuses on our faith and our family, and about the criticism that she has received for choosing to play a traditional role in her family. I love even the way that she orders the topics in her book, talking first about our relationship with God as the very most important thing and following that with chapters on marriage, and then family, and ending with chapters about making our house a home. She does a great job of communicating what our priorities as Christian women need to be, and giving her own insights on how to keep those priorities straight in day to day life. I would definitely recommend this book for the wife and mom who is feeling like she needs some help balancing and putting her priorities in order in her day to day life. It was very helpful and very encouraging.

20 and Counting and A Love That Multiplies | Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

I am combining my review for these two books because I read the two of them in a matter of days and I feel like they just go together. I had the privilege of attending a ladies conference and getting to hear Michelle speak as well as getting to meet the whole Duggar family and I can say that they are some of the sweetest most genuine people I have ever met. These two books are filled with “their story” as well as a ton of practical tips for life and raising s family. Although they are viewed as a bit of an unconventional family because of the amount of children that they have, they have so much to offer to those looking to raise children. The thing I loved most about Michelle’s speaking as well as the content of these two books is that they are just so practical. Instead of simply talking about their faith, they give practical ways to live it out, and to apply it to raising a family. If you are looking to raise children intentionally I think these are a great resource.


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