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Kristin’s Book List | May 2013 part 1

This has been an awesome reading month. Even though it has been a busy month, we spent a lot of time in the car for our epic road trip so I have read more than usual…and I know my usual has been a lot recently. Since I have read so much this month, I will be splitting this months book reviews into two posts and they both have some fabulous books on them.

Jesus Is ____ | Judah Smith

I first saw this book when my sister posted it on Instagram, I was intrigued by the title so when I saw that it was part of the review program I am a part of I decided to get it to review. I wasn’t disappointed. I loved the authors honesty. His church’s mission has been to show who Jesus really is to his community, and I think that is an awesome mission. The book reads like a conversation with an old friend, and made me think and laugh quite a bit. Without a doubt my favorite chapter in the book was the chapter on how Jesus is Grace. I would buy the book if that was the only chapter in it, such a fresh perspective on how we look at people and ourselves in light of who Jesus is.

Jesus The One and Only | Beth Moore

The beginning of the month was filled with books about Jesus, and I loved every minute of it. This book is big, and sometimes that causes me to choose another shorter book instead because I know it will take awhile (Desiring God has been looking at me from the shelf for awhile now). I fell in love with Beth Moore when I was a Sr. in college, and have done several of her Bible Study’s and always love hearing her speak. This book was so good. She walks through the Gospel of Luke passage by passage and points out what we learn about who Jesus was and is, and what it means for us today. I have learned in the past months that as we really draw closer to Jesus, our lives cannot help but be changed.

Anything | Jennie Allen

I mentioned that this has been such a good month, and this book is one of the reasons. As I sit here and type, I keep erasing what I have typed because this book just changed my heart. The book is incredibly real and Jennie doesn’t hold back anything, but tells it like it is. She tells her own story of how her life was changed when she was really willing to give God anything, and to do anything for Him no matter what that meant. She talks about how her and her husband prayed night after night that they were willing to give and do anything and how God began to work in them. It amazes me how much Jesus just changes our hearts, how when we draw near to Him our way of thinking just changes. That is how I felt as I read this book…it just changes your heart.

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Part 2 will be coming soon with a few more amazing books. What books have you read recently???

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Lauren Marie

I just finished “The Book that Transforms Nations” by Loren Cunningham. It was really inspiring and uplifting. I finally read “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers, I couldn’t put it down. I will picking up “The Mark of the Lion” series this afternoon at the library. “Jesus Is” is also on my summer reading list. Right now, I’m reading “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldrege! It’s a life changing book! If you’d like to see the rest of the books I have slated for the summer, check out my blogpost:

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