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Kristin’s Book List | March 2013

I am always on instagram with pictures of my most recent reads so I thought I would do a recap post for the blog every now and then with reviews of the books I am reading so that you can check out some books that you may want to add to your library. Here are a few recent books that I have been enjoying. This month the books that I read happen to all be Christian books, though the reviews will often include business, finance, photography and parenting books to name a few. I am always looking for suggestions for great books to add to my list of things to read, I don’t really read fiction, but like most other things so be sure to give me your suggestions!

Your Beautiful Purpose| Susie Larson

I really loved this book! The author talks alot about finding purpose in our lives, and discovering the purpose that God wants us to have, even when we are having the most mundane of days. She uses a ton of personal stories from her own life, and is so real about the journey she has been on. One of my favorite parts of the book was when she talked about the different seasons that we face in life. Seasons of stretching our faith, refining our faith, purifying our faith, and times of forward movement. She discussed what trials we face in each season of life and how we can draw closer to Christ throughout every season. I would definitely recommend this book to any woman who has ever had big dreams, but felt like maybe they were “too big”.

Call of a Coward | Marcia Moston

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson to review, and I really enjoyed it. It is kind of like a missionary biography of a modern day woman. Marcia and her husband lived an average middle class life, until her husband came home one day to tell her that he had felt God’s call to foreign missions. She felt so inadequate  and didn’t really want to go, but the book tells the story of how God changed her heart in a little Mayan village in Guatemala. I found it so interesting to hear her story of not feeling the same call as her husband at first, but trusting him, and trusting that God had a plan through it all. I was also struck by her struggle with trusting that they were doing what God wanted them to do, but struggling with the impact that this life would have on her daughter. She tells the story with humor, but also with raw honesty. She is so candid about the way she felt and the thoughts that she had through the whole process of becoming missionaries to Guatemala, and also how God changed her. She talked about many of the day to day happenings in the small village that they ministered in, but she focused more on what God taught her through the day to day life as a missionary wife. If you like missionary stories you will definitely like this book.

One in a Million | Priscila Shirer

I first heard Priscilla Shirer speak last year at a ladies Bible study at our church, and I instantly fell in love with her sweet heart. This book caught my attention with the back cover that says “What if life on Monday was as powerful as church Sunday?”. I loved the entire book! She talked about how so often we are the biggest obstacle in our walk with God, she used personal stories to show how this has been true in her own life. How so often we pray for God to use us, and then get scared when He starts to because it is scary and the path is unfamiliar.  I think that my biggest takeaway from the book was to want to live, eat, breath my faith in Christ so much so that I am not concerned about the people that think it is silly, or disagree. It gave me such a desire to live out my faith boldly. Can’t recommend this book enough!

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