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Kristin’s Book Club | From Good To Grace

I had so much fun reading all of your posts and insights from our February book club book Women of the Word. I am so excited to announce that the book we will be reading in March is Christine Hoover’s brand new book From Good to Grace!

Christine and her publisher sent me an early copy of From Good to Grace, and just a few pages in, I knew it would be the perfect book for our March book club! The official release date is March 3, but you can already find it on Amazon!

I think the message of this book is so important! It is all about resting in God’s grace instead of trying to live life in our own strength. This book is soaked in the gospel and all about living a life of grace. I think the message is one that we so desperately need to hear. It is a reminder that it is all about what He has done, and not about how good we can be! This is a book about living a life where we serve God out of joy and not just duty. The book even includes a discussion guide in the back that will give us some great questions to talk about as we chat here and over on instagram.


The book club will be super easy, we will use the hashtag #kristinsbookclub on instagram which will help us find each other and see what others are thinking about what they are reading. I will also do a recap and review post at the end of the month about the book.

I am so excited to be reading this book with you girls, and I am also excited to be featuring Christine here on the blog very soon! Grab your copy of the book here, and let me know that you will be joining us!

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Samantha Phillips

looking forward to the book club

Rebeca Kline

I just orderes my book! Yay! Totally excited about this.

Kelsey Riley

I will be joining!

I’ve never participated in one of your book clubs before but I have observed from a distance (: I read the first few preview pages of the book on Amazon and I have a feeling I will be ordering the kindle version this evening! Those first few pages were so relatable! I am not yet a mother, but as a self-employed, work from home wife that is living out of the country while my husband is in medical school…I can totally relate to feeling like what I’m doing isn’t adding up to much. Looking forward to the insight this book can give (:


Looking forward to joining everyone in the March book club!!

Kelly A. Kantola

My book came yesterday :)

I am beyond excited. As a young pastor’s wife, I feel like this will be a great read for me! Looking forward to everyone’s insights on Instagram (I’m @chrissydj).

Nicole Hoffman Clark

Should get the book tommorrow

Kristen Grace

Im ordering tomorrow!

Shannon Oros

Getting my book in the mail this week! :-)

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