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Kissing 101

It seems kind of silly to write a blog post about how to kiss, but it is one of those things that we are always teaching at an engagement shoot or on a wedding day, so I think it deserves a blog post. There is a bit of a science to a kiss that looks awesome in photos.

First up, what not to do. Don’t pucker your lips with fishy lips!, don’t use tongue (just not pretty), don’t go to fast (we need a second to catch the moment) don’t peck.

So what makes a great kiss for photos…

1. It is all about the emotion – ┬áTry to forget that we are there snapping away and let the moment just happen.

2. Go sloooow – Give us time to capture the kiss…don’t go too fast because we don’t want to miss it!

3. Do what feels natural – I know it isn’t every day you have people taking photos of you, but try to do what comes natural…get in close, use your hands, kiss the cheek or forehead.

4. Keep it light – Keep it intimate, soft, and romantic, try not to peck or squish your lips. Don’t push so hard your noses get squished.

5. Close your eyes – ┬áThis goes back to being natural


Here are a few couples that got it right…

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