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June 2013 Goals


June is here, which means that in my mind summer has arrived! May was as great but busy month! We roadtripped over 3500 miles, shot some beautiful weddings and engagement sessions, spent time with family, had our own family pictures taken and enjoyed time just the three of us. June is the start of our summer schedule, and it is going to be a great month!

The goals:

12 in 12 – It is June and I have already finished more than 12 books…so I think I will revise this to 20 in 12 for now.
Adjust to a new summer routine! Jeremy is taking summer classes, so that will be an adjustment from what we had in May, get a new schedule that gives us plenty of time for work, school, and family time.
Don’t eat out for the month of June
Shoot our gorgeous June Weddings and sessions.
Polish the living room and kitchen now that we have bought new furniture.
Order a new Sample Album

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What are your goals, leave a link to your goals post or write your goals in the comments!

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