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{Josh and Karen – wedding}

 I just love Josh and Karen. They are one of the sweetest, and most laid back couples I have ever met. Their wedding was absolutly beautiful, and the Tennesee blizzard just made it more memorable. Josh and Karen’s wedding was incredibly genuine and really showed the heart of this couple and their love for each other. They chose to see each other before the ceremony. Their first look was an incredible moment, and I had to force myself to keep shooting and not tear up at the moment. There was just so much love at this wedding, it was easy to see that Josh and Karen were surronded by friends and family that love them so much. I feel honored to have been able to capture this special day. Karen was absolutly radiant and it was clear by the way that he looked at her that Josh felt the same way.

Josh and Karen, thank you for allowing me to document your wedding and the love that you share. You guys are awesome!


If you want to see even more pictures of Josh and Karen, Click Here for a slideshow!

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