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January Goals…and a Giveaway

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is already January. The beginning of a new year, and a time for reflection on the past year. Jeremy and I spent a day a few weeks ago to take a look at the past year and think about what worked and what didn’t for us personally and for our business. We talked about so many aspects of our life and our business and it was such a refreshing time. I love the beginning of a new year. It is a time when I don’t feel bogged down by what we have done in the past, but a time when I feel like we have so much ahead of us. A fresh start and a new beginning are ahead of us.

Here are just a few of our 2013 goals:

Continue to blog 5x per week (I love blogging, and have been doing really well at blogging M-F. I wanna keep it going!)
Read 12 books in 12 months
Eat Healthier (We actually prefer healthy food most of the time…but we tend to get busy so meal planning is going to help us not have as many last minute meals this year)
Start each day in Scripture (I cherish my time in The Word, but it is so easy to jump right into work, or get distracted by whatever is going on, and not get that time right at the beginning of the day.)
Have set office hours
Work from the office (We got into a bad habit of taking our work with us everywhere, but this year we really want to try and keep work in the office, so we are free to enjoy family time.)

Here are our goals for the month of January:
Rock out 2 bridal shows!
Finish up a big print project we have been working on…super exciting!!!
Get in the groove of working from the office and having office hours
Read the first book for my 12 in 12

It is so important to actually write down your goals, it gives you something tangible to look back on throughout the year, and it keeps you accountable. I like to keep track of thing in a cute journal or notebook. Since it is the start of a new year, and I want you to write out your goals, I am giving away a lovely journal for you to write them in. I have the same one and I just love it. The gold foil script on the white cover is an inspiration in itself. So leave a comment here telling me one of your big goals for 2013 and one person will get a pretty journal to write their goals in!

The winner will be announced on Friday!


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My goal is to be brave enough to unroll new pricing and stick to it without discounting it. Happy New Year!!

Health is my #1 journey/commitment/goal this year. I started in November with a personal trainer, working out 5 times a week and look forward to getting strong and fit, (not skinny!) I also enjoy cooking and eating gluten-free due to a sensitivity to wheat products, so I read a lot of health food blogs to recreate some delicious recipes!

Tammy Damore

My New Year Goals are always the same, because I always need improving! Number 1 goal is always to be a better person, 2 to try to make a difference in someone else day, and of course to pay off debt, eat healthy, and drop a few pounds!

April Russell

My goal for the New Year is to keep work during business hours! So hard to do!

Daniel Leonard

My goal is to read the Bible through and write down something each day of this year of what I am thankful for and God has blessed me.

Abbi Pasterski

One of our “fun” 2013 goals is redoing our family room into a fun, comfortable space that I actually feel like sitting in every day. :) So far my hubby is working on our fireplace woodwork trim, and the next-up is built-in bookshelves. I’m so excited…it already looks great!

My ‘vision’ for this year is to love on people. Whether it is through business, with friends, or at home, I want Christ’s love to shine through!

Kelly Brown Hopkins

Our goal this year is to go in a date night once a month. Also to keep our finances on a daily basis. Thanks for your blog post.

to run a half marathon!!

Luke Neumayr

Woo woo! I wrote down goals with sub-goals to accomplish the main goal! I was so happy when I was finished!

Bethany McDonnell

My goal for 2013 is also to read 12 books in 12 months and to exercise 5x a week.

Lyndsey Garber

One of my big goals is to run 3x a week with my hubby. It would mean so much to him as he LOVES to run.

Kathi Kelly

I agree… So I say ditto for me too!

Ali N Garrett

Our goals are 1. Stay committed to our office hours 2. Do great at our first bridal show 3. Be present in the moment. Unplug every night & just connect.

Love reading your goals :) One of my big goals for 2013 is to learn calligraphy! So excited for that one!

Julie Wilmes

My big photo goal for 2013 is to get published! And my fun goal is to stick to my yoga routine, although that isn’t too fun lol.


My goals for this new year are: 1) workout at least three times a week 2)stop drinking soda completely 3) learn to love black coffee and stop using cream or sugar 4)have a daily quiet time with the Lord 5) get involved and commit to a small group at my local church

thanks for giving us your goals! it is so inspiring to read about other people’s goals! : )

Kristin Ungerecht

My big goal is to launch my new photography brand… starting building the website today and am starting to set up some portfolio shoots for this month and next. Excited to get it all together and live! :)

My goal is to be able to run a half marathon!

Karen Ramsey

I have 13 goals for 2013, I’ll spare you all the details, but here are a few: to know Christ better, run a 5K (which I’ve never done and if I attemp to do in my present state I’m pretty sure I’d have a heart attack!!), read daily to some/all of the boys, keep a prayer journal, advance in piano—I love a brand new year!!!

LOVE! My primary goal for 2013 is to live without fear. Too often I find myself turning down ideas, dreams, travel opportunities, or just every day life adventures because it is not a ”priority” right now. I need to remember to LIVE and fully trust in Him.

Courtney Sexton

One of my biggest goals for the year is to begin consistent meal planning! I’ve got to build up a good supply of healthy and cheap meal ideas. :)

Sabrina Nohling

Love this! One of my goals is to work on the fact I am late everywhere I go! I need to time manage better so that doesn’t happen!

Constance Watkins Coates

My goals this year is to have a set time for my daily devotions Also to eat healthier and to get my health in better shape. I am also going to do better in my communication with others. But my overall goal is to be more Christ-like in everything I do.

Maria Timms Roth

I have many goals but the most important ones are to study (live by) my Bible daily and to be true to myself.

Maria Timms Roth

I have many but the 2 most impartant ones are to study (and live by) my Bible every day and to be true to myself.

Angela Blomquist Stombaugh

My goal is to slow down and not rush around doing, but focus on being what Christ wants me to be so His light shines through me. Especially to my kids. My theme song for the year is “Learning to be the Light.”

One of my goals is also to read 12 books in 12 months!

I wrote out my goals on 1-1-13, but it wasn’t till your post today that it hit home with me! I want 2013 to be MY YEAR!!!
(is that shelfish?) I just started my photography business in May of last year but I’m not new to photography. It is going extremely well. I have a list as long as my arm, but here are a few that stick out to me.
1. I want to double my weddings that I did in 2012. That would make 8 for 2013. (3 already book, only 5 more to go.)
2. Finish my ONE YEAR BIBLE… I make it to May and then it’s hit and miss…
3. Build my business to be able to go FULL TIME with photography in 2014.
4. Read ONE Business book a month
5. Spend 30-60 minutes EVERY morning with the Lord… journal more.
6. Workout 3 times a week.

Kelly Tanner

One of my goals for the new year is to become more organized. For my own sanity mostly. With #3 on the way, I’d better get to it.

Caitie Sheppard

My main goals are: 1) Get back into a regular gym routine WITH my husband. 2) Start my Mary Kay business. 3) Get out of debt 4) Develop my DAILY walk with my Lord.

Really pretty journal. I’d like to say one of my goals is to get my beloved dogs to stop fighting with each other but I’m not sure I’ll make that goal. :(
I do want to make sure I do more with my folks this coming year – they moved nearby just days before Xmas and we are thrilled that they are here. One goal I *really* want to work on is to be more mindful of my time and get the house more organized and clean. That is going to be a priority goal!
Thanks for the giveaway – the journal is lovely and I enjoyed looking through your beautiful images. Much continued success to you!

i would love to book 13 weddings! it would be awesome to have more experience and possibly have one published! i have a whole page filled up on my word doc. single spaced haha. i’m such a dreamer. i wish i was more of a doer! haha. that might help more of my dreams come true! ;)

Tiffany Farley

I have a lot of same goals! First one up? Read a business related book a month.

Ashley Fisher

one of my big goals for 2013 is to start a family! :)

Aysha Gerald

Ah! This is SO pretty! One of my goals is to book 5 weddings for the year, one of them being destination! :)

Kay Reiss

My big goal is to pay off all of my credit cards this year and start on my student loans! Schools over but the debt isn’t :)

Joe Don Richardson

Such a great idea. I am woking on a lesson for the kids in my local youth group about goals and will be presenting the first part on Monday. One big big goal is to adopt a dog!

Joe Don Richardson

Great idea about thankfulness. I have tweeted every day so far this year about something I am thankful for.

Laura Howell

One of my big goals is to marry the love of my life, Josh Vaught. ;) And to get even more consistent in the Word. I’d also like to get better at blogging and journaling. Sometimes, I just use work as an excuse, but not this year. I’m going to get in shape physically, but more important, spiritually. :) *win, win*.

Rebekah Slaughter

One of my big goals is to start my taxes… :)

Rebekah Slaughter

My biggest goal of the year is to stop worrying!

Stefanie Maudsley

Such a gorgeous journal!

I think my biggest goal of the new year is have a healthy lifestyle in mind and body. I want to become a strong person, and not so much focus on my numbers (weight, jean size, etc) but on my health. Lowering my risk for diabetes and more.

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