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I just can’t think of a title…

I have been thinking about doing a series like this for awhile, but I just can’t think of the perfect title for it. I would love to post now and then about things that I am loving and things that are sort of irritating to me.  I have seen other blogs have titles such as kisses and disses, but I need something unique….any great ideas out there?

Things I am really loving this week…

Fruit Roll ups…I have decided that you never outgrow them, they are delicious and I am trying to convince Jeremy that they count as a serving of fruit.

All of my mom’s recipes…I have made a few of them this week, and as we speak one is cooking on the stove. There is just something comforting about the meals you grew up with.

My husband…I can’t tell you how many times I have come home this week alone to a cleaned house, and he never complains about it. Plus he helps me with my raw meat issue, as discussed below.

Things I am not too fond of this week…

Leaving the house and forgetting to put earrings on….it makes me feel naked and comes close to ruining my day.

Raw meat…I love to cook, but I would almost consider becoming a vegetarian just so that I didn’t have to touch it.

The fact that I allowed my husband to download Angry Birds on my phone…I knew I shouldn’t have done it…it has become quite the time waster for the two of us. For example…I am pretty sure he had no idea I took this photo of him.


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I knew you took that pic! I was just pre-occupied…

Ahh Angry Birds! Some days I feel like I should attend RU because of it. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about Farm Towers… :-)

There’s just something about the memories that come along with mom’s recipes…I totally feel ya on that one! :)


How about “Faves and Fakes?” lol (It’s even alliterated.) haha :)

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