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I am in love with…unexpected locations

I Love when clients choose locations, they usually fit the client so much better than if I had chosen which means that the photos will represent them much better. One of my favorite things is when clients choose an unexpected place as the location for their engagement or wedding photos. I think sometimes my favorite pictures are taken in places that are a little out of the ordinary. A few weeks ago I shot Bethany’s bridal portraits and one of my favorite photos from the session was one taken in a little alley that was not pretty at all but the juxtaposition of a stunning bride against a dirty alley to me was very striking. Just this past weekend I shot Matheus and Camille’s engagement session and one of our locations was under a graffiti covered bridge. Trust me there were some nasty things that we found under that bridge including a HUGE petrified fish, the jaw of an iguana and a pair of boxer shorts…it was gross! But, the light was amazing and the location fit Camille and Matheus perfectly and I LOVE the way that the images came out.

Clients: Don’t be afraid of selecting locations that really fit the two of you. Whether that is a field, a graffiti covered bridge or even your favorite coffee shop. I want to capture what makes your relationship your own, and you will cherish looking at photos that truly represent who you are.

Photographers: Don’t be afraid to shoot in new and unexpected locations. If you are shooting in what might seem like an expected location, shoot it in an unexpected way. Don’t feel the need to copy poses you have seen on every photographers blog, but use what you have in front of you to pose your clients in a way that shows off the unique location. Most of all, focus on the light! Good light is far more important in the end than the location. You may have a good location, but if it has bad light the photos won’t have the pop that you desire.

Here are some of the photos in unexpected locations┬áthat I was referring to…

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