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I am in love with…Pro Photo Blogs

I have gotten several emails recently from up and coming photographers asking about what I use to create my blog and website. I am going to talk about Showit very soon and talk a little about Pro Photo today.

As a girl I believe it is my right to change my mind whenever I want too…and trust me I do sometimes. With that in mind, I can never stick to the same blog or website design for too long before I get a little bored and need a change. You might have noticed that the blog got a face lift over the past few days, I really liked the way it was before, but sometimes I just need something fresh. With that in mind, I have never been the type to be satisfied with a template blog or website. I and my business are different than everyone else’s so why should I have the exact same blog or website as 200 other photographers? This is one of the biggest reasons that I use Showit for my website and ProPhoto for my blog.

I think that web presence is so important, and I know blogging has helped me so much. I try to blog every day and I have noticed that the more I blog the more traffic I get to my blog and website.

The thing I LOVE about Pro Photo is that it is easy to use and completely customizable. I have talked to several other photographers and have heard how they don’t blog because of how time consuming it is, but blogging with Pro Photo couldn’t be any easier, unless it wrote the blog posts for me…lol. The fact that I can change anything about it means that I can make it match my website and totally rearrange things when I want something fresh. Trust me that is a good thing, my first blog design…not so pretty…seriously it was pretty bad.

Pro Photo is a one time purchase and is downloaded right into WordPress, other than my camera Pro Photo was one of the first investments that I made in my business, and it was a great investment. If you want to create a customized and professional looking blog I highly recommend it. Check out their website and let me know if you have any questions!

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