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I am in love with…Pinterest

To say that I am in love with Pinterest might be an understatement. I am pretty sure that Jeremy would probably use the word obsessed.  I was introduced to the website a few months ago, and I thought that it was neat but I didn’t really catch the bug. Then a few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Rebekah and she told me that I had to try it out and she sent me an invite. A few days later I finally signed up for an account, and I fell in love.

For those that don’t know what Pinterest is, it is basically a place to find inspiration and ideas for just about everything. You can start different boards and keep things organized. I have boards for photography inspiration, ideas for my house, adorable baby things, fashion and more. You can follow other people on pinterest and see thier ideas and inspiration too. There is also a Pinterest iphone app which is probably the reason my phone runs out of battery at the end of the night.

Bride’s this is the perfect wedding planning tool, there are tons of fabulous wedding ideas on Pinterest. Actually, I can’t think of something that pinterest isn’t amazing for. Rebekah asked me a while ago if I have used any pinterest ideas in our new house…and I sure have! Can’t wait to show those soon!

You can check out my boards on Pinterest here…

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I’m addicted to pinterest as well:)

…and there is a Pinterest app on the iPhone! at least it’s a healthy addiction :)

Yay for pinterest friends! :)

I have it and oodles of people are following me but I don’t know how to do it yet. Isn’t that funny? : )

I don’t know whose pantry that is but I want it! Amazing… I love organization

Shelby J

Lol~ I want to check it out and I went to check it out and it said.. “Ugh looks like all our servers are busy. Retry after a while”

:) I LOVE Pinterest! Haha.


Sooooo…when I read this post I was kinda like “whatever”, but I got on looking at a recipe posted by Michelle Davis (heart her) and I’m officially hooked! I found soooo many awesome ideas for my wedding (and decorating my house)! I love it! Thanks for sharing…

Love and miss you tons! Can’t wait to hear about the baby *ahem* girl… ;o)


I felt the same way at first Caitie…but it is truly addicting once you start…

Eeps!! Me too. Completely and utterly addicted. I pin all the time…any chance I get. I need an intervention :)

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