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I am in love with…

The past few weeks I have been eating foods that my Mom used to make. For some reason all of those home cooked meals give me a little taste of home, even when I am miles away. I have heard some people talk about their mom’s cooking with less than glowing reviews of her signature dishes, but I always had a different story. I guess it is just one of those things that you don’t realize you miss until you are all “grown up” and don’t have it anymore.

Sure, some of them are delicious recipes,but then there are other things that aren’t really a recipe that just remind me of being 10 years old. Today I had a tomato sandwich for lunch, and I am pretty sure I had De Ja Vu to being 10 years old on a summer afternoon. It made me want to grab a book and a popsicle and read away several hours on the front porch swing, which is what I did for most of my preteen and early teen years.

I could have added a picture of the sandwich that made me remember back to my childhood…but you see it was so good that I ate it without having a chance to snap a picture….oops

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