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{I am blessed}

 I ran into an old friend a few days ago. We chatted about our lives and what we have been up to. She mentioned my photography so we chatted about it for awhile, then we chatted about Jeremy for awhile, and then about long term plans after we finish our Master’s degrees in May. It seemed like an ordinary conversation, but then she said something that has stuck with me for the past few days. She said “Girl, you have the perfect life, you have the perfect husband, you do what you love, and he is fully supportive of it. Think of me, and pray I get so lucky.” I smiled and said that I would and went on my way, but the words that she said have lingered in my mind for the past few days.

There are many ways that I have been blessed, granted I have had hard times, cried a few tears, and felt like giving up on my dreams a few times, but through it all I have been blessed. One of the biggest ways that I have been blessed is with a husband who is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Jeremy is the reason I follow my dreams. He is the one I bounce all my crazy dreams and ideas off of. He is the one that I laugh about the mistakes I have made with. He cleans the house when I am overwhelmed and puts in hours of hard work making pricing sheets and contracts. He has date night with me every week, and makes time just for us. (can’t wait for tonight) He is the one I plan with, the one I dream with and the one that assures me that anything is possible. He is also my second shooter, business partner and best friend.

I am so thankful for him, and so thankful for people reminding me of how truly blessed I am.

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