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How to Choose The Perfect Dress

Every girl dreams about “The Dress”, and I admit we get excited to see the dress at every wedding we shoot! When I wanted to do a post about finding the perfect dress I knew that I had to ask Megan at De Ma Fille for a little help. De Ma Fille is the most adorable bridal boutique, and Megan who is the owner of the shop is one of the sweetest people ever! If you are still looking for your dream dress, or some fabulous accessories, go check out her shop, you won’t be disappointed!┬áHere are some of Megan’s tips for finding the perfect dress along with some photos of her and her adorable boutique:

First, brides need to invision what they see themselves wearing for their big day, and what they think they would like to have. When a bride goes to her first appointment to try on wedding gowns, it is important for her to try on different styles of dresses. Most brides come in with that one dress idea, but they might actually love another style even better! It is important to be open, and it would be better to try on a style on and know you don’t like it than to wonder. However, this does not mean try on the whole store, haha.

It’s important to only bring those whose opinions matter the most. This is so that a million different opinions don’t come flying at the bride. This can overwhelm the bride and then she can’t decide on anything!

As the brides try on dresses, she needs to wonder if she is comfortable, do a little dance test ;), and is it HER personality! Can she see herself getting married in this dress?

We do allow pictures in our store, so it is helpful for the bride to go back and look at what she has tried on; this can knock out a few contenders. Try your favorites on one more time. We always ask what they love about each dress and this can lead them to just think about one dress ONLY!

When a bride can’t decide on the first day, then they need to go home and look over pictures. They will then start dreaming about one dress only!

Thank you again Megan for guest blogging for us! We love you, your shop, and hope this article will be a blessing to many many brides!!!



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