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How it all began…

People often ask me in passing how I got into photography, sometimes I don’t know what to say. It often seems that they want a one sentence answer, and being the long winded person that I am I want to invite them to coffee just to tell them how it all began. I have never been very good at being concise, I used to describe books to my mom in so much detail, that it probably would have taken less time for her to read it herself. So consider yourself warned…

It all started in 2008 while I was planning my own wedding. I announced from the beginning that finding an awesome wedding photographer was the most important thing on my planning list. I didn’t realize how picky I would be. I looked at website after website and could not seem to find exactly what I was looking for. Finally I had to start looking in the surrounding cities and then it happened, I stumbled on my wedding photographer’s website and that was it. I knew after seeing the first few images on her site that she was MY wedding photographer. Her photos captured emotion and love, and I fell in love with her images.

If I was excited about her images before, you can’t even imagine how ecstatic I was when she blogged some of our images after our honeymoon. I will never forget the memory of me, my husband, my mom, and my sisters huddled around a laptop looking at every image. It was about that time that I realized that wedding photography can capture the essence of one of the happiest days in a person’s life. Looking at our photos helped us remember how wonderful that day was.

Just a few months after our wedding Jeremy and I were chatting about goals and the future.  While we were in college I had briefly mentioned that being a photographer would be an amazing job, but life and wedding planning had made things busy and the idea was brushed under the carpet. He asked me that night what I really wanted to do, and I just finally said it “I want to be a wedding photographer”. In the moment it felt like what I was saying was about as silly as saying that I wanted to be a pop star, but I said it anyway. Luckily for me I happen to be married to the most supportive and amazing husband in the world.  In the days and weeks after that we researched and looked at cameras…yes, I said I wanted to be a photographer and I didn’t even own a camera. Before making this big purchase Jeremy made sure that this wasn’t a passing hobby, and that this is what I really wanted. When I assured him that it was we pushed “place order” on my first camera, and the box arrived on Christmas eve. When I opened that box I didn’t know anything about photography but I was determined to do what I loved. Jeremy bought me books and I read every website I could find about photography. With a lot of hard work and late nights researching, I learned more and more.

It is hard to believe that it has not been that long since I first picked up my camera, which now seems like such a part of me. It has proved to me the value of people believing in you, and I am so greatful for a husband who had faith in me from the beginning. It also showed me that if I want something bad enough, and work my hardest, I can accomplish it.

Here are a few favorites from the past few weeks…

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I love “how it all began” photographer stories! Especially yours because it’s very similar (in many ways) to mine. I know I’m not J*, but hopefully this comment will make you smile :-)

Thanks for the blog love Kristin! And way to follow your dreams! :)

Josh-Danielle Venable

Can you tell I’m going through your whole blog today? I love this story. :)

Kristin Schmucker

You are too sweet!!!

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