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I am writing this post from our new home, using the hotspot on my phone, because we haven’t gotten our internet connected yet. We settled on our house a month ago today and it has been a crazy month. Currently we do not have a working kitchen as we refinish walls and floors, and we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the guest bedroom while we finish the master bedroom. Life is a little bit crazy…but we are having fun dreaming up ways to turn our little fixer upper into our own. I want to be able to share a bit of the process, so today I am showing an inspiration board for the house.

It is really important to me that the entire house flow, and have an open, light, welcoming feel. Here are a few images that have brought me inspiration as I have been planning. These were all found on Pinterest, and I will link the original sources below. As you can see there are some consistent things throughout…lots of gray, white, and gold! I am not really sure what I call my style…but if you have a name for it…let me know!



Top Left Top Right Middle 1 Middle 2 Middle 3 Middle 4 Bottom 1 Bottom 2 Bottom 3
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Tammy Damore

Traditional, or another way to say the same thing in today’s terms-modern vintage!

Janice Keefer

this is a home to come home and feel all cozy in! Love it! You have impeccable taste.!

Stefanie Montijo

i would call it modern/vintage glam

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