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Happy Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day, and I am blessed. So very thankful for Jeremy, and reminded of the journey that we have been on in the past few years since we met in college. I honestly feel like I can not remember my life before him. The past years have been an amazing journey. There have been wonderful and amazing times, and there have also been times when we had to learn to adjust, compromise, and love each other even deeper than we ever thought possible. We have done so much in the past years, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Jeremy, thank you for loving me. Thank you for believing in me and all my crazy ideas and dreams and encouraging me no matter what. Thank you for working so hard to make our dreams a reality. Thank you for being the best Daddy our little girl could ask for, my heart melts when I see the way Stella looks at you. Thank you for being you, being everything I need and still having fun with me everyday.

Photo by Deidre Lynn Photography on our wedding day.

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Jeremy Schmucker

You’re the best! I love more each day ;).

Tammy Damore

The two of you are an inspiration!!!!

Bonnie Johns

Love is what it’s all about, and you two have it.

Kara Guffey

this is an awesome photos of the two of you, I do hope it is printed large somewhere :)

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