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Happy Birthday Kristin

(Written by Jeremy)

It’s hard to believe that another year in your life has come and gone.  This past year has been more exciting than I ever could have imagined. We graduated from grad school, we moved from Florida to Texas, you quit your job to go full-time as a wedding photographer, we found out you were pregnant, and I fell in love with you more every day!

This is officially the last birthday you will have solely as a wife, because soon you will also celebrate your birthday’s as a mommy! Stella has already changed our lives and I know we are both so excited to see even more changes in the future :)

In honor of thanksgiving being this week my list of thankfulness is as follows: (1) My salvation in Christ, and (2) My marriage and family! Aside from what God has done for me on the cross, you are the best thing has ever happened to me! Somebody please pinch me, I must be dreaming!!!

You truly are my BFFE (best friend forever & ever).

With all the love I can give,


And because all posts need pictures…here are Kristin’s birthday roses and pineapple! haha. Apparently pineapple induces labor (old myth???) so we bought two pineapples this week :) Love you babe.

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How sweet! and what a fabulous post, Jeremy! Happy Birthday to your wife and God bless all three of you. :-)

So sweet! Happy Birthday! :)


happy, HAPPY birthday, kristin! and happy, HAPPY BELATED birthday, jeremy!! we know you make every day special for each other, and that your b’days are just an extra opportunity to express your love. we hope that both days have been, and are a very
special time of celebration for each of you.
we miss you guys more than you know! especially on sunday afternoons…. ;-)))

Gina Long

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Kristin!

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