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Half Cheese – Half Peperroni

When I was a kid I always remember ording pizza “half cheese, half pepperoni.” I (Jeremy) am a plain kind of guy and always like the cheese, yet there were those in the family that like that little flavor from the pepperoni. Well, Kristin joined that group. Now, we stick a frozen pizza in the oven, we move the pepperoni prior to cooking and voila….half cheese and half pepperoni pizza! Perfection!!! Basically we are a perfect match for each other…

Our favorite lunch would be sandwiches and chips. Kristin gets Cajon Turkey (with light mayo, and dijon mustard on Italian bread) while Jeremy gets Ham (with sun dried tomato dressing on Honey Wheat bread). Sour Cream and Cheddar Chips are a mutual favorite ;) We stick with the baked kind because they are healthier, and taste great…as long as you don’t taste the regular kind…lol

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Yay for cheese!!!! :)

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