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Grad School + Netflix + Jack Bauer (24)

While we lived in Florida and attended graduate school we watched 24 starring Jack Bauer, AKA Keifer Sutherland,  for the first time. Season 8 was just airing so we bought all of the season’s on DVD and watched furiously. It was so addicting. We would have so much reading to finish for class, but we just couldn’t get away from 24. Every episode is soo gripping.

Fast forward two years…we now have Netflix streaming. (Why didn’t we get this sooner). All 8 seasons of 24 are now on Netflix and we are officially watching each episode again, for the THIRD time! True story. There are so many details that we forgot and so many twists and turns that still keep us glued to the T.V. Although we know what generally lies ahead of each episode it still is very addicting as we now enter season three ;) Our favorite character other than Jack??? CHLOE O’BRIAN! She’s soo funny.

So who are your favorite characters from 24 or what other TV shows do you love?

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