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Goals for 2012

Last night we sat down and actually wrote out our goals. Yep, we actually wrote them down on a piece of paper, with a pen. It is proven that if you actually write down your goals (instead of just talking about them like most people) you increase your chances of success two-fold! It’s a commitment. A commitment between you and you.

We really only set our “big” goals. It’s a little scary looking at that yellow piece of paper on our fridge, but it’s a constant reminder of why we work hard everyday and what direction we are heading in. Hopefully as this new year is starting you didn’t just set a New Year’s Resolution, but actually set goals. Here is just a sampling of ours:

1 – Establish our financial emergency fund again. We did so well with this, and then we moved across the country and spent half of our savings. But that is why we had it, for when we needed it. Now we just want to get back to where we were.

2 – Read through the entire Bible in 2012

3 – Have family pictures taken (seems silly, but we actually have to plan this out since the tripod isn’t very artistic these days).

Tell us what some of your goals are. Write them down not just online, but at home. Keep them in front of you everyday. May 2012 be the year that we stop talking about accomplishing things but we actually do them!

If you haven’t noticed – we are switching from Kristin Nicole Photography to Jeremy & Kristin. Here is our Facebook profile picture…kind of depressing that we have 900+ fans with KNP and now we are starting over with about 30, but we are so very excited about our new name because we love what we do because we do it together!

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