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GIVEAWAY!!! These are a few of my favorite things…

I thought it was about time for another giveaway…and I thought this time I would do something a little bit bigger than usual! I have so many favorite things that I love sharing on the blog, so I thought I would give you a chance to try out some of my favorite things with a giveaway full of them! One lucky winner will get everything below!

In Style Magazine is my favorite Fashion Magazine….and if you have been around the blog at all you know I LOVE fashion magazines! I think it is only fitting that the gorgeous Katie Holmes is on the cover of the August issue…because I love her too!II refuse to admit on the internet just how many times I have seen this movie…but I can tell you that “The Devil Wears Prada” is probably my favorite movie. It is about a young writer who gets a job interning at a fashion magazine (go figure) and it is so much fun! Don’t ask my husband’s opinion though…I have forced him to watch it with me a few times. :)Moleskin notebooks are ahhmazing! They are the perfect size to throw in your purse to jot things down throughout the day. I would love to say that I use mine to write poetry or something cool like that, but I actually use them to write down blog ideas. Maybe you can use yours for something a little cooler!I love this Rose Bon Bon soap from Anthropologie…AKA the best store EVER! It was a bad day for Jeremy’s bank account when I discovered one 5 minutes from our new house. The soap smells amazing, and I am just a sucker for pretty packaging!I love sweet things and my favorite candies are Red Vines and Smarties…they taste great and they are fat free…what more could a girl want!Word’s can not explain my obsession for Burt’s Bees…I love everything they make. My sisters spoiled me last Christmas with the coolest gift set from them ever last Christmas which has just fueled the obsession. My favorite thing they make is this Pomegranate Lip Balm…it is divine and makes your lips so soft. I think it may have been the first tube of lip balm that I used up before losing it…is just that good!

Last but not least is the best nail polish ever from Essie! I LOVE the color Gray…and so a few months ago when I found this amazing nailpolish in chinchilly from Essie, I knew that gray fingernails would be my new best friend. It is the best ever!

So how do you win some of my favorite things…

There are several ways to do it! You have three chances to win! Anyone can enter so don’t be shy!

1. Leave a comment here telling me a favorite thing of yours that I might like!

2. Like my Facebook Fan Page here and leave a comment on the blog letting me know that you did.

3. Copy and paste this phrase as your facebook status! Go like @Kristin Nicole Photography for a chance to win her giveaway at

Make sure you copy the whole status with the link and make sure I am tagged so that you can get credit!

The winner will be announced on August 16!

Good luck!


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One of my favorite things is Tyler Candles. They last a long time and smell soo good! My fav scent is “cashmere elegance”. There is a boutique near where I live that sell them but here is a online link to them too!

I liked Kristin Nicole Photography on facebook!

Stephanie Grooms

One of my favorite things is the book The Super Natural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson. He is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding CA ( my spelling may be off cause I am due for coffee) :)

Stephanie Grooms

And as a fellow P31er I am sad and surprised to say that I just now “liked” your facebook page. It’s got some great stuff I am excited to go check out once I post this. :)

fiji. no, not the island. that’s just my current favorite essie shade. ;)

We like the same chapstick! And smarties! And The Devil Wears Prada! <3

Oh, and I liked your page :)

Fun giveaway! I would happily take the chapstick and nailpolish or the movie :)

ps. I liked your facebook already thanks to p31 and wrote a status about it :)

Gina Long

One of my favorite things is the movie First Daughter (with Katie Holmes). It also taught me one of my favorite snacks! Popcorn with M&M’s poured over it! I “liked” your FB page a while back. :)

I really love! They have amazing organic jewelry that is all hypoallergenic. Some of the pieces are so unique and one of a kind. I hope you like the jewelry as much as I do!!!

Sounds like a great night to me!


My favorite chocolate is Black and Green Milk Chocolate!!! For some reason I can only find it at Everman’s in Pensacola.

Becci Bankston

gotta say that i am in love with the satin lips set from mary kay! it really makes your lips soft! but i do love all the burts bees products! :)

Sarah Boediarto

one of my favorite things is going home for Christmas… there is nothing like it in the whole world…having sweet memorable times with the ones who mean the most to you and who have shaped who you have become!!!

One of my favorite things is this simple, short and yet inspiring quote, which I think you’ll like too ;), “She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans.”
I’ve not a clue who said it first, but whoever is was knew that there is a time to replace the “hopes” with action. I’ve “liked” your fanpage in the past! :) So I’ll run over there fast and post the picture I found this quote on for you to see.

Liked ya. :) Those are some of my faves too. :)


My favorite movie would probably be Father of the Bride!


I liked you on FaceBook!

I’ve liked you for quite some time on here :) lol A favorite thing….I love yankee Candle lip gloss. They come in this cute little yankee candle jar and they are in all kinds of fun scents like sugar cookie and such. They are adorable!!

Brittney W.

I <3 the movies "Return to Me" and "While you Were Sleeping" and "An Affair to Remember." So sweet and gives me a tiny fling of hope that perhaps someday something happy will happen. :)

Oh, and I liked your page on facebook. :)

My favorite movie EVER is “Serendipity.” I’ve made my husband watch it with me about a jillion times… poor guy. ;)

I “like” your fb page!!

Abigail Gilbert

One of my favorite things are the travel sized perfume roll-ons from Urban Nirvana! They smell so good and are the perfect size!

Abigail Gilbert

I like you on facebook! :)


My favorite thing (right now)is my beauty blender which is probably the best thing in the world to put your foundation on with!!!! You should look it up it’s amazing!!!! And I liked your FB page

Gabrielle von Heyking

One of my favorite things is the movie “Pride and Prejudice!” No matter how many times I watch that movie, I never get sick of it and I always cry lol.

Tiffani SoyuSae Matsuura

Go like @Kristin Nicole Photography for a chance to win her giveaway at


My favorite things right now are the 2011-2012 Silpada Designs catalog, Tarte Cosmetics, and flared jeans. I liked your facebook page!


My favorite things are Kate Spade and Tiffanys!!!! I liked your FB page!!!!

Emily Ann

One of my new favorite things is Pinterest, which I am quite positive you love.

Melissa Jane Wyndham

One of my favorite things is being able to tell Haley, my favorite horse, anything that bothers me and she always listens!

April Russell

One of my favorite things is… Hersheys Drops!

April Russell

I like your facebook page!

Emma Smith

One of my favorite things is “comforter” from LUSH if you like bubble bath this is the BEST and its all organic made (posted to fb also).

Sarah Boediarto

I liked your facebook fan page!

Rebekah Slaughter

one of my favorite things is reese’s peanut butter cups! chocolate + peanut butter? perfect! :)

Rebekah Slaughter

facebook fan page liked? check!

Beth Mutkala Daane

Hmmm… a favorite thing. Nutella!

Beth Mutkala Daane

liked your fb page too- very cute!

Stephanie Tait

One of my favorite things is an Iced Green Tea from Starbucks with a little bit of Splenda in it! Its one of my favorite ways to treat myself.

Stephanie Tait

Also liked your facebook page from my facebook page (Captured by S. Tait)

Bethany Cox

Hey! I liked your facebook page long ago and you are tagged in my recent status!

I have a heart for Essie “Topless Barefoot” and Real Simple Magazine… Also… these are the best cookies ever:

Beka Clark

I am also a HUGE fan of InStyle, gray, and Anthropologie. You might enjoy one of my other favorite things, L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base. It’s a face primer that really works; it makes your skin smooth and fills in your pores so that the makeup doesn’t sink into them. Truly awesome! – Beka

Beka Clark

I also like your FB page. – Beka

Jana Kiker

One of my favorite things are beautiful flowers……I love orchids, coneflowers, and roses……and of course taking pictures of them!

Margaret Dorsett

I love give aways and I will give away some Silpada jewelry for your giveaways.


I love when the new Ikea or Pottery Barn Catalogs come in the mail! Totally makes my day so much brighter. ;)


I follow your Facebook Page!

Heyyy… this looks familiar! ;) My current favorite thing is mint chocolate Clif bars. Yum!

Erica H.

A few of my favorite things include Swedish fish and alouette’s skin care/makeup line.


Speaking of color, I love the color pink! It goes great with gray ;-)


Already “liked” your Facebook Fan page :D

I think I was your first fan…after all I bought you your first camera :)

My List of favorites (1) Jesus and His Word (2) My Wife (3) My Baby Girl

Morgan Funderburk

I liked your blog a long tim ago!! :) Hope that counts!

Megan Rebekah Hoffman

I love InStyle too! :) I LOVE Bare Minerals make-up…pretty much the best thing ever. hehe…Oh, and I’ve already liked your fb page. How could I not when you’re my wedding photographer? :)

[…] is a fabulous giveaway going on right now full of lots of my favorite things, and it is so easy to win! Make sure to take a […]

Cindy Clinton-Kinsey

Snickers Ice Cream bars have become one of my FAVORITE things! I think I want one now!

Shelby J

I think you would like the movie You Again…and gummy worms are also fat free! :D (I love redvines too)

Shelby J

and I liked your facebook page a while back :D

Jeremy Schmucker

my two girls: Kristin and Stella are favs of mine :) (i hope I win! lol, that would be funny…)

Stephanie Bowman

Can it be anything? I absolutely love the Miche Bag. I don’t have one, but would love one, but they are the coolest bags ever. They sell covers to change up the look of your purse without having to change purses…they even have a diaper bag shell!

Stephanie Bowman

Liked your FB page…thought I had already, but I didn’t! Am now!

Karen Elizabeth Hopkins-Mize

I enjoy following your blog! Hope you are enjoying warm Texas!

Morgan Funderburk

One of my favorite places… inspired by you is T.J MAxx!

Caitlin T

Some of my favorite things….this blog of course! Diaper dudes diaper bags, the miche big bag purse, scentsy, and bath and body works lipgloss and wallflowers.

One of my favorite things is Dove Peanut Butter candy bar. Yummy!!

Already a huge fan of yours on FB :)

Caitlin T

forgot to mention last night….already a fan of yours on FB too :)


One of my fave things is Paula’s Choice Skin Care.
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com


i like you on facebook
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

Megan Andzulis

I am currently in love with Pinterest thanks to you! AND my husband :) and of course I like your blog!

Brandon Shafer

BRANDON + Arizona Arnold Palmer = LOVE :)


I love Essie nail polish! Ballet Slippers is my favorite color!


My currently ultimate favourite thing is Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm, it is lovely. Staying cool is another another favoirite


I liked you on fb as Cupee Aung

Kay R

I like you on facebook, your my new status, and here is my comment! Send me something pretty!

Marcia Damore

One of my favorite things is grandchildren. When they were little
I held them, fed them, walked them, changed diapers. When they grew older Pop & I took them places like Disney Land, Hershey Park, Trexler Animal Farm, Ice Capades. As they grew older yet, we went to see Josh Groban, Josh Groban, & Josh Groban! Seems like one of the Damore girls was CRAZY about Josh (ask Kristin who that might be.


Author Laurell K. Hamilton. Her books always are great.


I LIKE you on FB~ Jen Tink

Angela L.

One of my most favorite things is baking something new (and then eating it. Duh!)

But of material things, my favorite right now is furniture from Macy’s. Modern, classy, and not too pricey.

Thanks for hosting!

Angela L.

I liked your Facebook page.

Kimberly Sawyer

Some of my favorite things are Starbucks ice cream (Java chip is the best!), anything from Ann Taylor LOFT, and the movie “The Notebook”! Oh, and I “liked” your FB page too!

Anna Mcdonnell

Some of my favorite things are music CD’s, violins, and spending time with my friends!

[…] forget to enter our huge giveaway full of lots of my favorite things! You can go here to […]

Kathryn Shaw

One of my favorite things to eat in Mexico were CHURROS:) I know you like them!

Anne Marie

Favorite things right now: Root Beer, Victoria’s secret body cream in the scent Secret Charm, and (as has been for a while) my Vera Bradley coin purse (it’s just so convenient!) I really hope for my sake that I win… but for your’s that I don’t.. haha postage to Taiwan is ridiculous!

My favorite thing that you’re sure to like (if you don’t already) is Nutella! Best. Snack. Ever.


One of my favorite things is the show pretty little liars! guilty pleasure :)


I like your fb page as Dee G

[…] forget to enter the giveaway! Only 4 more days to enter! You can enter […]

Of COURSE I like your Facebook Fan Page!

Heather Sensiba

Already like your FB page : ) something I love : Kari Jobe’s cd on repeat and Starbucks caramel coconut frappeccinos! Grey fingernail…..shut up! I’ll be looking for some on my shopping triP this weekend! <3

hmmm my favorite things…I love the new suave professionals shampo and conditioner! I love good hair products, such as Kenra, but I am living this inexpensive alternative! And iced Americano with a pump of vanilla and Cremeen. mmmm!

hmmm my favorite things…I love the new suave professionals shampo and conditioner! I love good hair products, such as Kenra, but I am living this inexpensive alternative! And iced Americano with a pump of vanilla and Creme. mmmm!

I like your page! :-)

I love Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream. I just had some and it was a delight. :)

I liked your page too! And would also appreciate any tips you can give me to make my photos better. With taking care of the baby, Gracie, helping with the food and a few other things, I feel like I didn’t get to “think through” any of my shots on Saturday at Jen’s wedding. Of course it didn’t matter because I wasn’t the real photographer, but still I wish I could have done better, and had some more time. If you have time, I would love some advice!

Courtney Sexton

Oooh we like a lot of the same things! :) Let’s see…a favorite thing of mine that you might like… Have you heard of the website They have lots of featured boutiques and such that have really discounted sales of mommy and baby stuff. I love looking every day at what is on sale that day and have definitely gotten several cute things there.

Courtney Sexton

Also…I already “like” your fb page. :)

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