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Getting Organized with ShootQ

Kristin has been doing almost all the blogging recently, but there are some aspects of our business that I (Jeremy) handle, so I wanted to share with you yet another way we are getting organized in 2013. If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that organization has permeated our posts over the last few weeks. We blogged about Doing What Works, Kristin’s Simplified Planner, Our Ideal Day, and now I want to share with you how we use ShootQ to manage our inquiries.

We were first introduced to ShootQ by our fabulous friends Luke & Cat (wedding photographers in Houston). They raved and raved about how great it is and how their booking rate increased since they starting using ShootQ. So, we decided to give it a try and utilize the 30 day free trial. Well, 30 days were here and gone and I was so confused. It was kind of overwhelming with where to start and it seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth. Wow, was I wrong. A few months later we revisited the idea of ShootQ and decided it was time for us to move away from paper contracts with our clients and do everything online. After all, one of the main reasons I have car insurance through Progressive is because they make it SUPER easy for me to get a quote and sign a policy ALL online…so we wanted to enable our clients to have the same experience if they wanted.

Although we do LOVE our new online contracts, that is not the thrust of this blog post (more on that coming later). Last week I attended a meeting with a few other local photographers, and one girl in particular is a ShootQ wizard! It was so inspiring to see how one little program runs every aspect of her business for her! ShootQ can do so much automatically, it’s like hiring an assistant!!!

The most exciting aspect for me to learn, was how to track our leads. There are months of the year where we only get one or two inquiries and there are other months where we get five to ten in one day! How in the world do we keep track of all these potential brides? In ShootQ we have created several (about 10) different “status” levels for each inquiry. For example: (1) New, (2) Pricing Sent, (3) Talked on phone, (4) follow-up email sent, (5) scheduled consultation, etc. Each status level is assigned a color and then we can view ALL of our inquiries by their status level. We can send template emails from within ShootQ, view previous correspondence, and even see how long it has been since we last contacted each and every bride. WOW! No more trying to keep it all organized within our email inbox.

Again, this is just one small aspect of how we have been using ShootQ, but it has been a HUGE help in the last few weeks. If you use ShootQ, what’s your favorite aspect or feature…and if you don’t, what are your remaining questions?

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