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{get well wishes to my hubby}

It is not too often that Jeremy is under the weather, but today was one of those rare occasions that he called in sick. He told me just as I was leaving for the day, and I preceded to worry about him for the rest of the morning. When I came home I found him cuddled up in bed. It really made me wish I could stay home too, I admit, I was a little jealous, not because I wanted to be sick, but because it was one of those dreary days out that just makes you want to cuddle up in sweat pants and read a book.

With a litte bit of sleep, chicken noodle soup and a few kisses he is on the road to recovery.

I thought about posting a picture of him, but then I decided that if he ever put a picture of me while I was sick online that I would be less than thrilled. So instead here is today’s magic medicine.

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Well it is early Wednesday morning and I am feeling better. Last night was a little rough, but thank you to everyone for your prayers :) Jeremy Schmucker

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