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From My Library: Grace for the Good Girl

I am going to start writing some blog posts to review some of the books that I have been reading lately. I have always loved to read, but in the past have gotten so busy that I did not have too much time to devote to reading as much as I would like. I have realized that it is so important and that I just need to make the time. I will review a variety of non-fiction, inspirational, and business books. If you have a recommendation that you think I would like, please share it with me. I am always looking for a new book to add to my list.

I love reading blogs and I had seen this book referenced on several blogs that I read frequently, so when I saw it in Lifeway, I decided that it was the next book on my list. I recently finished reading it and I really did love the book. The tagline on the cover of the book says “Letting go of the try hard life” and that is exactly what the book is about. Emily Freeman talks in the book about how easy it is to overwhelm yourself because you are always trying to live up to an impossible standard. She speaks of the amazing grace that God gives to us as His children and how we don’t need to waste our lives trying to be perfect, but instead rest in God’s grace despite our imperfection.

The book talks a lot about trusting in God, instead of in ourselves. I loved when she wrote: “My only option is to trust in the One who holds all things together, even when they fall apart. To trust even when it doesn’t feel true. To believe in safety even when I don’t feel safe. To set my mind on what is true, even when it feels foolish and naive.”

She also spoke about how we as women place so many conditions on ourselves. We place conditions on our happiness, such as: if only I could lose 5 pounds, if only I had more time, if only we made more money. She then so simply stated: “Jesus is the radical, absolutely complete, living answer to all our if-only’s and if-I-fould-justs. His unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love and acceptance of us is what we are really looking for.” I just love that.

Overall, the book was excellent and I would highly recommend it for every woman trying to live up to the standards that we set for ourselves.

Do you have a great book recommendation? Leave it in the comment box!

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