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For Photographers: The Shootsac

People often ask what kind of camera bags we use for shooting. We both love and shoot with a Shootsac. The Shootsac is not actually a camera bag, it is a lens bag.We can keep all of our lenses inside the Shootsac without their caps which makes switching lenses on a wedding day super fast.  It is made of commercial grade, light weight  neoprene which is the material that scuba divers wetsuits are made of. It is light, durable, and it conforms to your body, so that it is not bumping into things! I really can not even imagine what I would do without my Shootsac on a wedding day.

The other awesome thing about the Shootsac is that it is black, but you can add super cute covers to it. Jeremy just keeps his black, but mine has an adorable damask cover. How awesome is that!

Not only are these bags awesome, but they are durable. We have been using ours for over two years and they are still going strong.

So if you are looking for a new bag, I highly suggest adding a Shootsac to your Christmas list!


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