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For Photographers: Raw vs. Jpeg and an interview with us!

We have gotten this question a few times so it seemed like it would be a good thing to blog about. Do we shoot in Raw or Jpeg? I will start off by saying that there are amazing photographers on both sides of this issue, so at the end of the day it is best to do what works best for your workflow and what produces the best images for your clients.

That being said. We do shoot in Raw. My main reason for this is because it allows much more flexibility in post processing. We shot our very first wedding in Jpeg and I think it turned out great for our first wedding, but because we shot in Jpeg I do feel that we were kind of limited in post processing because you simply can not make as many adjustments to a Jpeg image. I think that this is especially seen in white balance adjustments. Raw just gives you a lot more flexibility to adjust white balance as well as exposure and other things that you will want to adjust in post.

Shooting in Raw definitely produces larger files and thus has more workable data to adjust from. This does mean that we need to carry around more memory cards on the day of the wedding, but we think that it is definitely worth it. ¬†We began shooting in Raw soon after we began photographing weddings and we have never looked back. I have heard the argument made that you should be able to shoot in Jpeg and not need to make many adjustments at all. I am a HUGE believer in getting things right SOOC, so I can totally see this point, but for us we just don’t see the need to take that chance. Things can happen very quickly on a wedding day and though we are constantly adjusting settings as things happen, I think shooting in Raw is just a logical choice for us to ensure that we are getting the best possible images for our clients as well as having a speedy workflow that allows us to get them their images as soon as possible.

We are incredibly honored to be featured on our friend Hope’s blog this week. She did a little interview with us about business and it is super fun! Check it out here.

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