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For Photographers: Preparing the Prep Room

This is a blog post for photographers who are wanting to take their prep images to the next level. Some of our favorite images are of the bride getting ready for the wedding. It is such an awesome time with all her girls and her mom around as she prepares to see her soon to be husband for the first time on their wedding day. There are often lots of people, and there is always LOTS of stuff! As a former bride, I know that all of that stuff is important, but as a photographer I know that it can take away from the images. Brides have a lot to think about on a wedding day and they need you as their photographer to help them look out for things like this.

As you are taking prep shots you need to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that there is not something distracting in your background. This is especially important for the images while the bride is getting her dress on. As the bride is getting ready, I am looking around the room to find the best possible place for her to get into her dress. I am looking for a good background that has enough space and most importantly I am looking for good light. Once I have found the spot it is time to tidy up the room. I don’t want suitcases, bags, hair products and stray undergarments in the background at this iconic moment when the bride is slipping into her dress.

This may seem like a small detail and not worthy of its own blog post, but I promise if you take the time to really see your surroundings and clean things up a bit, you will see much cleaner and more gorgeous prep images.

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