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I think this is one of the easiest traps to fall into when you are just starting out in the crazy world of photography. It is so easy as a photographer to compare everything about your work to other “Rockstar” photographers.  It is easy to analyze the technicality of every photo, and to be a little bit jealous when you see the amazing work of a friend. Somehow as creatives we think that others were just born with it and we had to work for it. In reality, everyone has to work. Yes, some may have to work a little harder, but no one picks up a camera and has perfect exposure their first time in manual, or masters seeing the light the first time they try. Others may have a better website than you, better gear or a fancier business card, but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Read, learn and practice and don’t compare everyone’s highlight gallery’s to your behind the scenes Sooc shots. Refine your skills, work with what you have, and only compare yourself to who you used to be.

I saw this quote on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I just wished someone had told me this when I started.

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Abbi Pasterski

This is so true, Kristin! Thanks for the reminder. :)

Karolyne Elizabeth Sloma

SO true! And thanks! I think it’s extra-hard when you’re also being compared by others. (My sister once oh-so-kindly said, “Kat [our oldest sister] really is a lot better at finding the right angles and things.” Thanks, sis. Thanks.) But then you get a really great shot – like one that someone comments on and says, “Wow, if this wasn’t taken by a professional, it sure looks like it was,” (as someone commented on one of my pictures yesterday) and think, “Hey, I’m getting somewhere!” :D

Katrina Kent

That is a good quote :)

Cat Neumayr

Such an important message! I wish that someone had told us this when we started our business! Do your own thing and be happy! :) Good one, Jeremy and Kristin!

JulieandFabian Villarreal

Love this, thank you!

Josh-Danielle Venable

Thanks. So needed this.

Shelby Johnson


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