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We get lots of questions about what to blog, how often to blog, etc, so here is a bit of what we do. I am a huge believer that you need to play up your strengths, so if you hate writing, I am not trying to tell you that you have to blog 5 days a week. I am just throwing out some things that have worked for us.

My very first website was a little blog site that was frantically put together in the back of Panera on an old laptop while I was in grad school. If we are being honest…it was awful. But, it served a purpose. I blogged my very first photo sessions…if we are being really honest those weren’t so great either. I also blogged about myself and random parts of my life like what I cooked for dinner and where we went on vacation. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to blog, but I just kept at it and I got excited as I began to see my blog following grow, because…I am pretty sure the only people that read those first blog posts where my Jeremy and my mom.

There are several things that we blog about and there are reasons why we blog them.

Weddings/Sessions – We have blogged every session and every wedding that we have shot. It keeps the blog moving, helps clients know you are constantly shooting and makes your clients feel like they are famous. Blogging every session keeps you on your toes, because you have to deliver at every single session. It is important to choose images that reflect your brand. Show what you want to shoot.

Personal Posts – We try to blog about ourselves so that our clients get to know who we are as people. We blog about the tv shows we watch, the places we shop, about our baby girl and how we like to spend our days off. We also blog about our faith. It is amazing to us when we meet new clients and they feel like they already know us because of reading our blog.

Brand Association – We try to blog about brands that we want our clients to relate our brand too. When people hear about a certain brand they have a picture of what that brand is about, so talk about brands that are similar to the brand you are trying to portray to your clients. Our brand is fresh and modern so we talk about similar brands that we love like: Anthropologie, Ikea, Apple, Target, Ann Taylor, Coach,and Banana Republic. We have actually booked a wedding when a bride connected to me because of my love for Coach bags.

Educational Posts – We provide educational posts for brides and photographers. We post tips for photographers, because so many people helped us and we love to help other photographers. And, we post educational posts for our brides because we want to educate our brides to help them have the best wedding possible. These posts also help establish yourself as a professional with your clients, and save you time because you can link the blog posts in emails instead of having to type out frequently asked questions in emails.

These are just some of the types of posts that have helped us build our business. I hope this can help you as well! If you have any questions about this post, or something you would like us to talk about in the future, feel free to ask!

We use WordPress and ProPhoto for our blog and we talk about that here.

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this was quite helpful! i really struggle with blogging sometimes… especially when i’m not feeling particularly interesting/inspired!

EmilieCarol Uphoff

this is wonderful! THANK YOU!

Megan Tsang

Thank you for this post! I really love all your advice.

Kristin Schmucker

Thanks for reading Megan!

Kristin Schmucker

I hope it helps Emilie!

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