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Feeling Beautiful

It isn’t a secret that I love fashion magazines and get tons of inspiration from them, and if you know me well you would also know that I happen to LOVE America’s Next Top Model. Long before I was a photographer I was drawn to the show( and despite what my husband says, I don’t think that Nigel Barker was the main reason). The photo shoots were fascinating to me, I loved watching the interaction between the models and the photographers. One of the things that amazed me from the very beginning was the fact that many of the girls on the show looked so plain and normal. They weren’t necessarily the most beautiful girls…they looked remarkably like people that I knew, and yet when I would see the photos of them I was blown away…they looked stunning.

When I first became a photographer I photographed just about anyone who would let me take their picture. Somehow when I edited their images I felt the same way about them as I did about those girls on Top Model. It was then that I realized that one of the most amazing things about being a photographer is the ability to make ordinary people feel stunning. I don’t photograph models, and though I am sure it would be fun, I love the challenge of bringing out the Top Model in every girl that steps in front of my camera. Our culture is full of things that make women feel like they are not what they should be, I LOVE the fact that I can have a small part in making every woman that I photograph feel beautiful inside and out.

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Love this post Kristin. I feel the same way, if I can make a girl feel gorgeous when I’m taking her pictures thats the most satisfying feeling!


And you’re doing such a great job of it, Kristin! Keep those shots coming! ;D There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman in love.


aww..I made it in the post. Is this the picture you start laughing because you actually got me to do not smile and do a sort of model face! haha I’ll admit I felt beautiful on that day! Thank you for capturing our day!

You do photograph beautiful people. I am so thankful that I have never shot anyone that was less than gorgeous : ) I find so much beauty in each person. One time I heard a wedding photographer complain about having to shoot a wedding with an ‘ugly’ couple. It broke my heart. I believe their is beauty in everyone. I am glad you find it too!

Love love love this post! & the pictures too! ;)

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