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Favorite Bible Study Tools

I thought I would do a little round up post of some of the tools that I use as I study Scripture. Most of these I have been using for several years, I would love to hear what tools you use as well!



ESV Journaling Bible  – This is the journaling Bible that I use, and I love it. I have this version in brown leather with the strap and I love the leather and the look of it. It is a bit of an investment, but if you are looking for a more cost effective journaling Bible they do have several other versions at more inexpensive price points such as the Antique Floral Design, and the Black Hardcover.

KJV Ultrathin Reference Bible – I also use this inexpensive reference Bible that I have had for several years. It is pretty basic, but includes cross references. My husband and I each also have the The Ryrie Study Bible, and it is the main Bible that he uses. It includes lots of helpful study notes and outlines.

Journals –

I need a journal when I am studying. I have used so many different ones. A few of my favorites are the Botanicals Notebook Collection, Be Filled with Joy Journal
and the Moleskine Kraft Journals.

Pens –

I am usually using a cute pen from the Target dollar section (it’s an addiction), I also have the Staedtler Pen Set, and the Pilot Precise Colored Pens which are great for thicker Bible pages, and I have been wanting to try the Le Pen 12 Color Set that I have heard amazing things about!

Bible-Hi-Gliders – These are my favorite highlighters for my Bible. They are gel sticks so they do not bleed. I have been using them for several years, and I always come back to them.

Commentaries –

When I am studying I try to read the text alone before adding in any study tools, but there are a few commentaries that I do enjoy after I have read and applied the text. The Wiersbe Bible Commentary Set is my go to, and I usually always have this set on my side table. These are super user friendly commentaries that everyone could use. It explains the text without going too deep or being overwhelming.  We also have the The John Phillips New Testament Commentary Set which is a large investment, but a great resource. Currently I have ben studying the Psalms, and I am loving The Treasury of David . I always enjoy Spurgeon, and I really love his expositional commentary on the Psalms.

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I got the leather ESV Journaling Bible for Christmas and absolutely love it! I had a hard time choosing a pen that wouldnt smudge and woudldnt bleed through but I’ve found that the Pigma Micron pen set is the best. I use the .005 set because its the thinnest and its perfect for writing in the margins. Thanks for sharing your tools, Kristin!

Virginia Tuttle Johnson

Recently ‘found’ you on IG. Beautiful posts…and I love all the detail. Thank you.

Vanessa Baumann

I’ve very slowly but surely started collecting items to start journaling through my Bible, what do you suggest as far as color coding??

Paper & Glam

Great post with great resources, Kristin! I’ve been wondering if Bible highlighters were worth it.

Have you used Blue Letter Bible (website and iPhone app)? It is a remarkable resource that I use a lot. Great commentaries, cross-references, variety of Bible translations, and greek lexicon in easy access!! Also, I highly recommend “Women of the Word” by Jen Wilkin. It helped me dive deeper into my Bible study with both the mind and heart. I love her “5 P’s of Sound Bible Study”.

Sandra McBee

Believe it or not, the Derwent Inktense pencils work fabulous dry or wet on Bible paper! No gesso! No bleeding! And no visible marks on other side of page!

Jacqui Pagan Wood

Any other pens/pencils to use on the thinner Bible pages ( I have the ESV journaling Bible ) ?

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