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Fast Track Photographer – Book Review

If you are wanting to start you own photography business or already have, this book “The Fast Track Photographer“is for you. The tagline on the front cover says “Unlock the photographer you were meant to be!” and I really do believe that this book will help you do just that.  Dane Sanders gives so much great information from his own experience . He talks about common mistakes that new photographer make and tells you how to avoid them. The premise of the whole book is that what sets you apart is not your fancy camera or amazing photoshop skills (though these things help), but it is you. Your business will be competition – proof if the reason for your success if you, because no one else can be you. Personal branding for your photography business is the name of the game for Dane Sanders and I think he hit the nail on the head with this one.

I read almost this entire book in a matter of about 8 hours. Trust me you should get this book in your library today if you want to be a full time photographer! Definitly the best book that I have read on the business side of photography!

I planning on doing more posts for photographers, so if you are a photographer and you have any questions, or something you would like me to write about send me an email at or leave me a comment.

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