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Family Trip to San Antonio

I guess most people love family vacations, but I think that we really love our little trips. There is just something magical about watching Stella experience things for the first time. Her little eyes light up over the littlest things, and it is such a reminder to see beauty in the little things in life. Since Jeremy had a week off of Seminary classes for Spring Break, we decided to head a few hours south to San Antonio to get away for a bit. Our trip included a trip to Sea World, a day at the River Walk, and some time just relaxing in our hotel. Stella had a ton of fun waving to Shamu, and meeting Elmo at Sea World, and waving to all the ducks on our boat ride on the river. Here are a few pictures from the week.

 San Antonio-1

San Antonio-7San Antonio-13San Antonio-21San Antonio-40San Antonio-44San Antonio-61San Antonio-66San Antonio-68San Antonio-73San Antonio-75San Antonio-81San Antonio-99San Antonio-115San Antonio-165San Antonio-167San Antonio-172San Antonio-176San Antonio-185San Antonio-199San Antonio-202San Antonio-209Sneak Peek 1San Antonio-212San Antonio-220San Antonio-237San Antonio-251San Antonio-255San Antonio-260San Antonio-270


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She is such a doll baby! So glad you all were able to get away for a bit for some family time. You guys like great!

Tammy Damore

I want them all!!!

Heather Radler

Such great memories! I love seeing all your pictures.. Beautiful!

Dawn Noreen Caracio

Very beautiful

Caitie Sheppard

Beautiful…loved all of them! :) Miss y’all…

Michal Senora Naugle

Oh my word . . . Stella is the most adorable little girl ever! I love her dark hair! And as always you look gorgeous, Kristin! It looks like you had a wonderful time <3 Love you guys.

Michal Senora Naugle

Plus . . . she has some pretty awesome facial expressions ;)

Her hair and those eyes! What a beautiful family you have!

Barb Thomas

Thank you for posting all these and many other pictures….I really enjoy seeing them…You truly have a beautiful family and these Sea World pic and Stella with the two of you the smiles are genuine…Love you all!!

Marilyn Schmucker

These are beautiful! Memories memories! I’m amazed how well she also did with the characters….so grateful you made the decision to get away and have fun time together as a family!


Such a beautiful family! What camera do you use because these pictures are flawless (:

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