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Eye Hath Not Seen…

It is amazing to me that several years ago we were both in Grad School, and did not know that we would be wedding photographers. It was like God fulfilled a dream that we didn’t even know we had, he gave us this amazing job at the perfect time in our lives and has allowed us to work from home and soak up all of the little moments that we get to spend with Stella and with each other. It is a reminder to me that though I worry about the future sometimes, God knows exactly what it holds. A few years ago photography was not really on our radar as a career, but God has put it in our path and blessed us abundantly. There is no reason for me to worry about the future, because I am confident that ¬†God’s plans are so much better than I could ever think or imagine.

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Cat Neumayr

Great post :) Isn’t it amazing the path that God makes for us all? Just think: if we both hadn’t been put on the path to be wedding photographers, we would have never met! Wild :)

Marilyn Schmucker

You are wise wise woman. One of my absolute favorite verses. I’m so grateful for you my beautiful daughter-in-law!

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