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Driving Through NYC during Fashion Week

We were in Pennsylvania to see my family a few weeks ago and as we flew into NYC I was sooo excited because it was fashion week! It was late at night when we arrived so I told Jeremy to be sure to grab some pics on the way back to the airport. For those from the wonderful land of NYC you understand the craziness of traffic and how there are approximately 2 million different ways to get to and from the same place.

Well, unfortunately we took a different route back to the airport and we couldn’t capture any pictures of fashion week. However, we did get stuck in MAJOR traffic (took us one hour to go 4 blocks…ugh) in China town (or so we thought it was china town since everything was in Chinese and there were cute chinese people everywhere) and Jeremy took some street pics from the car…

Love the Wicked ad on top of the taxi. Jeremy has seen it three times and I have never seen it :(

Apparently that is what “McDonalds” looks like in Chinese. I’m glad the golden arches are universal ;)

Jeremy did not want to grab this picture. I was in the back seat with Stella and he says “aww that lady on the bike is so cute but we are too close, I feel awkward.” I was like, Jeremy it doesn’t matter, just roll down your window and take a picture…haha…

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