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Don’t Be Afraid to Fall Down

A few weeks ago, I had one of those really embarrassing moments. I fell on my behind in the middle of Jennifer and Andrew’s engagement session, not once but twice. Seriously, we were walking down a hill and I slid and landed on my bum, and when I got back up I fell right back down. 

It got me thinking about life in general. You see, I fell down at the very beginning of the session and though it was embarrassing, I just got up and continued shooting and in the end we had an amazing engagement session. So often in life though that is not the way we approach things. Instead of getting back up after we have fallen we allow the humiliation and embarrassment to keep us down, instead of just getting up and rocking it out.

You could be a brand new photographer who isn’t doing as good as you hoped. You could be a student who just got a bad grade. You could be a bride who feels like your wedding can’t live up to the magazines, or a mom who feel like she can’t live up to her super crafty, ultra organized friends.

No matter who you are or what you feel you have failed at, there is always the chance to get up. To choose to rise above the disappointment and let yourself become stronger. To prove to yourself that this crazy life is worth it, even when it isn’t perfect. 

Here is an image from Jennifer and Andrew’s session…shortly after I fell down, and got back up. (I promise, they weren’t laughing at me.)

Downtown fort worth engagement session by fort worth wedding photographers modern engagement session

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Beautiful image and words!

Brie Marie McCormick

Love your work :)

Kristin Schmucker

Thank you so much!

Nicole Davis

Read this as epic music was playing in the background… not on purpose. But inspiring all the same :)

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