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DIY Bunting

I would not say that I am a crafty person, my last encounter with a sewing machine I was about 12 and despite my mother’s efforts to teach me to sew like she does it just didn’t go so well. As we have been decorating Stella’s nursery though, I have decided that there are several DIY projects, thanks to Pinterest, that I wanted to do myself. One of them was a bunting to hang in the room, or as Jeremy calls it…the flag project. Many of the ideas for things that I wanted to do in the room came from wedding blogs, because I am a wedding photographer and I read wedding blogs. I figured I would share how easy this project is with everyone. Brides, this would be an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a reception! And because of my previous sewing machine experience, I am happy to say that there is no sewing involved in this project!





Pinking Shears


I just used a piece of paper and a ruler to make a template to cut the fabirc and then cut it out.

This clearly shows that I don’t sew. I would guess that most people would use straight pins, but I don’t own straight pins so I improvised and attatched my pattern with paper clips…that is what I call ghetto fabulous! Before you cut your fabric, fold it in half so that the top of the flag is a fold and will not be cut. When your piece of fabric is cut it can be unfolded to look like a diamond, as in the next photo.The amount of pieces you will need to cut will depend on how big you want the bunting to be.Once all of the pieces are cut all you have to do is fold the triangles over the twine and put some fabric glue on the inside so that they will stick together and you don’t have to sew anything. Make sure to put a little glue on the piece of twine as well so that they do not slide around.  That is it…so simple and cute. This would look great decorating a wedding with fabrics in your wedding colors…or in a baby girls room. You will get to see how it looks in the room very, very soon!


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Too fun!

Jeremy Schmucker

still not sure why they call it bunting…I like “flag project” better!

Lea Scearce

I was confused too Jeremy….bunting means wrapping the baby up to keep them warm. (but word meanings keep changing) Is it supposed to signify the old style 3 cornered cloth diapers?

Jeremy Schmucker

so I googled the definition and it said “using cloth to make flags” basically of any shape or purpose…hence why I like “flag” better because I use that word more! lol




cute idea, kristin! glad you were able to figure out a way w/o thread and needle!
but i am still a bit perplexed as to the colors you are selecting for stella grace’s boudoir…

lol, Susan – colors are basically pink, grey, and white. but we do have a little espresso brown furniture and she wanted a touch of teal too…lol – we miss you.

I’m going to have to try this! What an easy way to decorate for a party. I love DIY crafts :)

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