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Daddy’s Girl

Two and a half years ago I married my very best friend, and nine days ago we welcomed our little Stella Grace into the world. What a ride it has been. I always knew that Jeremy would be a great Dad and these past nine days he has amazed me. He has been there for me every step of my pregnancy and he held my hand as I delivered our little girl with tears in his eyes. I don’t know what I would have done without him these past several days. He has done just about everything for me. He has done laundry, cooked dinner, brought me water and cuddled with Stella on the couch so that  I could get a few hours of much needed sleep.

I love watching him with Stella, the way he looks at her melts my heart. I am so very grateful that our little girl will have such an amazing man as her Father. He loveshis Savior, his wife and his baby girl, and we are so thankful for him. I find it such a comfort to know that Stella has a daddy who will play with her, sing to her, teach her, love her and point her to the Savior.

This morning I captured a few photos of him with our little princess.


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Christi Rudduck

Uh Oh! Jeremy looks like he might be wrapped around that finger! That might get expensive later in life. :) PS. These are so cute!

Beautiful, beautiful photos of such a sweet relationship. I have enjoyed watching my husband love our daughters over the years in such a special way. It becomes hardest when you walk them down the aisle to give them away…so emotional, but so wonderful when it’s the ‘right man.’ ;-) God bless you – enjoy the days!

Addie Greenacre

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Krista Morgan

perfect pictures!

Debbie Phillips

HOW precious, Jeremy. You are holding what love made! Enjoy and love her richly!

Carrie Chavel Cole

so precious Kristin! :) And she looks like she’s lost some in her cheeks just like Moriah did. AND it is too funny about her hair. Because if I can see correctly, it looks as if it kinda swoops to the right and her left side (at the front) doesn’t have as much. Don’t know if that makes any sense, but that is just what Moriah’s does! How ironic!

Amber Mullenix

My fav is the nose to nose. <3

The pictures are wonderful!! You can see the LOVE!! She is truly a beautiful little doll.

Megan Andzulis

I literally almost started crying these are beautiful!

Kerry Kelb

I definitely teared up while reading this. You all have such a beautiful family and are very blessed.

Jillian Tree

Amazingly beautiful <3.

Marilyn Schmucker

Makes me tear up just looking at the pictures. Oh so can’t wait to be there!

Lynn Wills

I know I can’t believe this is your baby holding his baby !!!

Marilyn Schmucker

Amen sister.

Priscilla Frantz

Lord help us…Jeremy is a DAD! Kristin, I’ll be praying REAL hard for Stella! Thankfully, she’s got you for a mom! Haha! Seriously, she’s a little angel! Congrats to both of you!

Joan Pitcha

Beautifull photo’s. Beautiful family. Auntie Joan

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