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Cultivating an Intentional Walk With God

I had such a great time chatting with you guys a bit last night during the webinar about Cultivating an Intentional Walk With God. I am hoping to do more of these soon, so let me know what you would love for me to discuss in the future. If you weren’t able to watch live last night you can watch the recording below!

In this video I discuss the basics of the SOAP method, how to make time for studying Scripture, and answer a few of your questions!

Pardon the crazy screen grab!




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Amanda Jameson

Girl, loved this! I was bummed to miss since we were headed back from a road trip with Matt’s family but so glad you posted this so I could still watch! I can’t wait to catch the next one!

Sarah Scheenstra

I’m so glad you did this Kristen! I just started doing the SOAP method & its really slowing me down. Sometimes I can just read the Word and not go too deep. But I think this will definitely help me grow closer to the Lord.

One question I had was if you ever feel the need to go even deeper in your studies & do things like word studies or look up the Greek/Hebrew words. I always think I want to do that, but then it usually will cause me to get off track. What are your thoughts on this sort of thing?

Kim Strain

Thank you Kristen!

Caterina Brooks

do you have recommendations for the “word for word” translation with the Bible? Thanks!

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