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CreativeLIVE with J* and Zach & Jody

We both love learning anything and everything about photography, especially since we both value education so highly (spending extra years in grad school…haha…). We love when we come across an amazing resource for learning, training, and education. CreativeLIVE is an amazing wealth of information. They host workshops via online streaming (for free!) where we as photographers can tune in and learn from seasoned professionals.

In 2010 we tuned in for the 5-day wedding workshop by Jasmine Star. Jasmine Star gave business advice, answered questions, and they actually photographed a wedding. LIVE! It was so neat to watch a live wedding and learn things that we can implement into our own business. If you weren’t able to watch the workshop live you can still buy the workshop on CreativeLIVE’s website for $149. We bought the series last year and just this past week decided to watch it again for the second time. Although we are only on day one right now it has still been valuable and refreshing. (she also has another business workshop on CreativeLIVE from last year.)

Similarly, Zach & Jody hosted a two-day CreativeLIVE workshop just last month and we were shocked at everything we learned! Although Zach & Jody didn’t photograph a live wedding their business advice, personal stories, and photography tips were more than we expected. Pretty sure at one point (or two) I (Kristin) was crying, haha. It was so refreshing seeing a married couple work together and be so passionately about their job because they wanted the lifestyle together. We actually haven’t bought this workshop yet for $149 online, but we know in a few months we will need the refresher’s course and it will be even better the second time around.

J* just announced she will be hosting yet another CreativeLIVE workshop in a few months specifically answering questions about marketing your photography editorially with the goal to be published in a magazine.

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