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Courtney and Kendra | Winter Styled Shoot

These are my gorgeous sisters, Courtney and Kendra. Jeremy and I spent last week in Pennsylvania with my family and we just couldn’t resist a snowy photo shoot. To say that we had fun is an understatement. I love that we got two totally different looks in the same setting. Courtney is wearing the black dress and looked very dark and sultry, and Kendra is wearing white and looking innocent and sweet. I love the photos and my gorgeous models.


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i think my favorite is the one of your sister in white with her eyes closed and she’s laughing – steals my heart

Ah I love these! Especially the snow in the hair ones and I love the way you framed the picture around your sister’s high bun!

Johanna Lucas

You guys could pass as triplets! You are all so beautiful!

Jill Carestia

Love them all, simply gorgeous!

Krista Morgan

Absolutely Gorgeous! Always enjoy looking at your pictures :)

Janice Keefer

lots of love…your sisters are so beautiful…great genes!

Joanne Everly Keefer

Words aren’t enough to tell how beautiful all three of you girls are and if that isn’t enough you are the sweetest and nicest girls I have ever met. Now we have another beauty through Kristin and Jeremy. Thank you Michael and Tammy, good job in every way and thank you Jeremyfor giving us beautiful, adorable Stella Grace. Love to all Nana.

Marcie Tamburelli

These pix are absolutely stunning. You should be proud Tammy…I know you are. xoxo

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